Seminar "How to adapt in UT?" for UT students (including doctoral students) 

The aim of the training is to give an overview of how to adapt at the University of Tartu, what are the obstacles and challenges related to studies and social situations. Discussion about coping mechanisms to use to ensure that adaptation period in the university would be painless and smooth.

Training topics:

-What is adaptation and its stages?
-What internal and external factors influence adaptation at the University of Tartu?
-Adaptation problems at university
-What obstacles and challenges can students face with during their studies?
-How do adaptation problems affect social relationships?
-What knowledge and skills are needed to deal effectively with adaptation at the University of Tartu?
-Group discussion

The training takes place on 09.10.2019 at 14.15-15.45 in room 454 of the UT Counselling Centre (W. Struve 1). The Counselling Centre is located on the 3rd floor of UT Library at the back of the Realia / Medicina reading room. The training is carried out by student psychologist Sharipha Rzayeva. Additional questions can be addressed to


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