Fees and invoices

Fee-paying students only! Exchange students do not pay the tuition fee.

  • Visiting students will get their tuition invoice after February/September 20, when their study plan is fixed for the coming semester. The invoice will be sent directly to student’s e-mail. 
  • Degree-seeking students who have to pay the tuition fee will have the tuition invoice directly sent to their e-mail address after they have signed the tuition fee contract at the dean’s office of their faculty. Further information on covering the cost of tuition.

Bank transfer details 

University of Tartu

Account No. EE281010102000234007

code 605201 in SEB Pank


Address for the transfer: SEB Pank AS, Tornimäe 2, 15010 TALLINN

Address of the SEB Pank Tartu Office:  Ülikooli 2, 50099 TARTU.