Courses taught in English for short term students

List of courses taught in English.

This list is designed for short term students, as degree seeking students need to follow their programme, not the overall list of English taught courses.  When choosing courses, pay attention to the course level indicated in the last column. The list might change: the UT has the right to cancel courses due to unforeseen circumstances and in case there are less students attending the course than anticipated. The minimum number of attendants is assigned for each course and fixed in SIS.

To get more information on a course, use its numerical code or title for searching in the SIS. You can access general information about courses without logging into the SIS. Use the SIS also to check whether the course you are interested in has prerequisite courses (especially in case of more technical fields, such as Faculty of Science and Technology). If you have questions, contact institute/school/college of the faculty teaching the course.

Each course has a fixed assessment method, which cannot be changed in accordance to students’ needs or wishes. Make sure you get to know UT’s grading system and inform your home university, if necessary.