Dear new international exchange students,

Welcome to the 2020/2021 spring semester and to the Getting Started site! 

The spring semester 2021 starts on February 8, 2021. At the beginning of spring semester, both in February and in March, lectures will be conducted online for exchange students.

In February,
on-site teaching may be held, with a reduced number of participants, only for the laboratory courses (practicals).
In March, 
practicals and seminars may be taught in class if there is a good reason to do so.
UT will consider room ventilation and reduce the number of people in the room. The students must wear face masks and keep safe distance. If possible, CO2 levels in the air will be monitored. 
Thus, the students coming to Estonia by the beginning of the spring semester, 8.02.2021, need to be prepared to follow classes (unless they attend practical classes) online at least for the first two months. Although, fully online study is not, and will not be the aim of UT and we move back to on-site (on-campus) classes as soon as possible, please be prepared to accept that UT like any other university needs to make its decision based on the most recent developments of the COVID-19 pandemic. We update information on this website as soon as new decisions are made. Please aslo see  UT main website 

To be well informed of all the obligations after your travel to Estonia (self-isolation/ testing etc), please carefully read COVID-19 FAQ-s below (in red). The COVID-19 FAQ website is aslo regularly updated based on the recent developments in Estonia and the relevant decisions taken by UT management.  


Corona Coronavirus news and FAQs 

Hoia app  Please download and use HOIA mobile app!  With HOIA you can quickly find out about possible close contact with a COVID-19 infected person, allowing you to take steps to protect your own health and the health of others.