Arrival ABC

This is the ABC, the fundamentals for those students who have accepted an offer to study at the University of Tartu. 

We strongly advise you to use the checklist down below in order to keep track of all the most relevant procedures after your arrival at UT. It will be extremely useful for you to make sure that you do not skip any of the steps. Also, due to all the different cards that students may have to apply for, you will find a table giving some brief information as to what to use each card for, whether it is compulsory, etc.


After arrival to UT

Time schedule


UT username and password will be sent to you by an email. If you have not received your UT username and password, please contact SAC.

Before the beginning of the semester. 


Register for courses in the Study Information System (SIS/ÕIS).

By February 26, 2018.



For receiving stipend from UT open a bank account and insert it to SIS/ÕIS.

Within the first weeks of the semester.


Fill out your contact information in the Study Information System. Check your current information at SIS and make sure it is correct!

By February 26, 2018.



D-visa holders: request for an Estonian ID-code (isikukood) at Tartu County Government.

As soon as possible.


Send your Estonian ID code (isikukood) to the Study Abroad Centre:

As soon as you have received it.


Tuition fee and visiting student: fee is based on the number of credits to be earned.

The invoice will be sent by e-mail in the end of February, after your study plan has been fixed for the semester.


EU citizens: register as a citizen of Tartu in order to have the right of residence in Estonia.

Within one month from the date of entering Estonia.


My cards


What for?


Where and how to get?

How much?


Proves student status; several discounts internationally


When opening a bank account at Swedbank or SEB.

Costs regulated by the purchasing power within each country


Proves membership in an ESN section; several discounts; benefits in Tartu


ESN Tartu office
Pikk 14-206

Tuesdays 19:30-20:30

10 €

UT student card (find out about it here)

Proves UT student status ; discounts in Estonia at public transportation, sports facilities, doctors, dentists…


Your dean’s office

Free of charge

Estonian ID card

Proves ones right to stay in Estonia; access to UT library, e-services (banking, digital signing, mobile ID), authentication; different discounts in Estonia

Compulsory for the students from the EU studying  in Estonia at least 3 months

Migration Bureau

Riia St. 132



(Within one month from receiving your right of temporary residence and Estonian ID code)

25 €

Temporary residence permit card

Proves ones right to stay in Estonia;  access to e-services (banking, digital signing, mobile ID), authentication;

Compulsory for the students from non-EU studying in Estonia more than 6 months

After applying for the TRP, the students are informed when and where they get TRP card

64  €

Library card

Access to UT library services

Not compulsory for students who use their Estonian ID card as UT library card

Ülikooli 18



1.6 €

European Health Insurance Card

Covers some medical services (such as visit to General Practitioner)

Only for EU citizens

Health insurance institution of your home country

Free of charge