Workgroup of bioinformatics and genomics

Workgroup of bioinformatics and genomics @Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology (UT)

The group's R&D activities are focused around large-scale biological sequence analysis. The main aim is to develop novel methods and software for analysis of genome sequences. Particular effort will be devoted to the development of software which can be used in preventive medicine:

* methods for fast genotype calling from exomes and genomes; 
* methods for structural variant detection from personal genomes. 

The knowledge will be extended to studying potential application of DNA-based diagnostic methods in other fields of genomic medicine:
* detection of microbial pathogens;
* detection of viruses;
* detection of allergenic components in food;
* detection of genes responsible for virulence and/or antimicrobial resistance.

The workgroup is led by Prof. Maido Remm. He has 20 years of experience in bioinformatics, starting his bioinformatics career with analysis of first bacterial genomes in Prof. Siv Andersson's group at University of Uppsala in 1997. Researchers of the workgroup have background in molecular biology and related fields (biochemistry, genetics, gene technology, virology, biophysics) but we have people with background in computer science and mathematical statistics as well.

Maido Remm, Professor, PhD, Head of Department
Lauris Kaplinski, PhD, Researcher
Age Brauer, PhD, Researcher
Reidar Andreson, PhD, Researcher
Märt Möls, PhD in Mathematical Statistics, Researcher
Triinu Kõressaar, PhD, Researcher
Ulvi Gerst Talas, PhD, Researcher
Tarmo Puurand, MSc (scientific degree), Scientific programmer
Fanny-Dhelia Pajuste, MSc Computer Science, Scientific programmer

Kairi Raime, MSc (scientific degree)
Märt Roosaare, MSc
Mihkel Vaher, MSc

Kristo Ets, BSc
Erki Aun, BSc
Kristi Reispass, BSc

Oliivika Zeiger, BA, Project Manager

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