Estonian folklore - books in English

Deep in the Forest. One Hundred Estonian Fairy Tales About the Forest and Its People. Compiled, adapted and foreword by Risto Järv. Translated by Adam Cullen, edited by Robyn Laider. Tallinn: Varrak, 2018, 409 pp. ['Metsavaimu heategu. Sada eesti muinasjuttu metsast ja meist'.]
The Piper: a selection of Estonian fairy tales
. Compiled by Jüri Talvet; translated by A. Jõgi; illustrated by Jaan Tammsaar. Tallinn: Perioodika, 1987, 198 lk. [See contents of the anthology.]
William Forsell Kirby, The hero of Esthonia and other studies in the romantic literature of that country. Compiled from Esthonian and German sources by W. F. Kirby. In two volumes. London: John C. Nimmo, MDCCCXCV [1895], 321, 337 pp. [Text available here.]