Arroio's photo exhibition on Space reached to Tartu (April, 2023)

All intrested have a possibility to see an intriguing photo exhibition created by the Antonio Arroio Arts School team on the theme of space, in Vanemuise 46, Tartu until the end of the school year.


Photo exhibition Tartu

European Researchers' Night in Tartu, 30 September 2022

Our project and created materials were finally presented in European Resaechers' Night! The visitors were  mainly locals, but also from India, China, Tibet, and Greece. Several public myths were busted while some were confirmed, too. Thank you Marie Johanna and Mihkel for your great contribution!


With a seal






Our project team represented with a workshop "Mythbusters wanted!" at European Researchers' Night held in Tartu, 30 September

More information can be found here.

Photo: Katrin Vaino

EVIDENCE summer camp organised by the University of Cyprus team in 4-8 July 2022

The learning-teaching modules on Climate change and Radiation (IO1) were piloted with students  (15-18 years old)  in a summer camp.



Photo exhibition prepared by the Antonio Arroio Arts School team on Climate changes presented now in Tegs Central School (October, 2022)

Photo exhibition

Our project's "big  entrance"  in the conference ERIDOB 2022 in Cyprus 29 August - 2 September

Within the conference, we had a good opportunity to disseminate the project's first tangible results to the wider audience. The co-autors of the presented study “Post-truth challenges and associated science education responses" were: Katrin Vaino, Anastasiya Astapova, Hans Orru, Konstantinos Korfiatis, Ana Valdmann, & Oleg Popov. Three of us: Katrin, Ana and Kostas had a great opportunity to be at the venue. Kostas by the way, in the role of the local organiser and the person in charge.

At the poster

The second learning-teaching-training event in Kuressaare

Kuressaare Ametikool

27 Sept - 1 Oct 2021 will take place the second learning-teaching-training seminar of the Erasmus+ project EVIDENCE which will be held in Kuressaare (Estonia) and hosted by Kuressaare Regional Training Centre (Merit Karise and Oliver Maaker). The participants (both real and virtual) of the seminar are project core staff, teachers and researchers of partner organisations, and associated partner schools.

In the seminar, the psychological mechanisms of conspiracy theories will be opened up by Anastassiya Astapova (University of Tartu, Estonia), public myths and understanding of climate changes will be outlined and contrasted with current scientific understanding by Konstantinos Korfriatis, Andreas Panayides, and Onofrious Merittou (University of Cyprus), and of cannabis by Hans Orru (Umeå Universitet). The participants will test and reflect on the modules that have been already developed (guided by Oleg Popov (Umeå University), and Katrin Vaino (University of Tartu)), but also brainstorm and give input into the next modules to be developed. Also, the participants will take part in a workshop and acquire skills in producing a short video (guided by Márcio Martins, Delfim Ramos, João Duarte, José Leitão, Antonio Arroio Arts School). The creativity and teamwork skills will be developed under the supervision of Merit Karise (Kuressaare Regional Training Centre).