Public Meeting for the COST Action "EVBRES"

Research waste when planning new studies?

Can it be avoided?

Tartu September 30th, 2019


University of Tartu Library Conference Hall

W. Struve 1, Tartu 50091

Redundant clinical research has been published due to the absent use of systematic reviews (SR) when new research is planned. It is unethical, limits the available funding for important and relevant research, and diminishes the public’s trust in research.

In order to raise awareness of this inappropriate practice, the EVBRES-consortium define “Evidence-Based Research” (EBR) as the use of prior research in a systematic and transparent way to inform a new study so that it answers the questions that matter in a valid, efficient and accessible manner.

This program is a presentation and a discussion of this challenge for researchers. The target audience is primarily researchers and anyone with interest in science, but everyone is welcome.

16.00-16.15 What is research waste?
  Prof. Matthias Briel, MD PhD MSc
Department of Clinical Research, University Hospital Basel, Switzerland, and Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada
16.15-16.30 Suggestions for a solution. Systematicity and transparency when justifying and designing new clinical health studies.
  Hrund Thorsteinsson, RN PhD
Department Manager of Education and Professional Development, Landspitali - University Hospital, Reykjavík, Iceland
16.30-16.45 Research waste when justifying and designing new research. Evidence from meta-research and how to use the solution
  Klara Brunnhuber, Vice-Chair EVBRES, Senior Product Manager, Elsevier, London, UK
16.45-17.00 EVBRES - a COST Action
  Hans Lund, Professor at Centre for Evidence-Based Practice
Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Bergen, Norway, Chair of EVBRES
17.00-17.20 Debate and disscussion
17.20-17.30 Closing