Welcome to the European Documentation Centre (EDC)!

This is your portal to the European Union-related information and documents to help you in your studies and research.

With the help of the EDC you can

  • find exhaustive information about the EU;
  • use EU official publications and documents;
  • ask and learn about information events and trainings targeting the academic community.

Where can the information be found?

At the EDC, you can use printed versions of

  • documents concerning the EU legislation;
  • publications of different EU institutions and EU-related bibliographic aids;
  • monographs on different EU-related topics, published by the EU and sent to the EDC free of charge, or bought by the UT Library.

All these publications can be found on the open shelves of the EDC on the third floor of the UT Library (1, W. Struve St.), accessible to all during the library hours.

Our web page gives lists of electronic information sources and databases for finding different documents. 

Where can you find help?

Send your questions to euroinfo@ut.ee, or to the information request form on the Library web page https://utlib.ut.ee/en/ask-librarian, or call 737 5750.

We help you in finding EU-related information, answer to thematic information requests, help companies and businesses in finding the EU-related information they need, and hold different trainings and other events.



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Phone: (+372) 737 5750

UT Library
1, W.Struve St. 
50091 Tartu