Practical information

The conference will take place in the von Bock House (Ülikooli 16, room 214) and in the main building (Ülikooli 18, room 139). Both are located in the city centre, close to many hotels and surrounded by numerous restaurants and cafes. The pre-conference guest lecture will take place in Jakobi 2 (room 438). The dinner on Friday night will be held at Ülikooli Kohvik (Ülikooli 20).

Map of conference locations

The rooms are equipped with presentation equipment. The desktop computers do not enable presenter view in PowerPoint, but you can also connect your own laptop to the projector. If you are using a laptop with a VGA port, you should not run into any problems. However, if your laptop only has an HDMI port or if you are using an Apple laptop, please bring your own adapter. Make sure you have ample time before your presentation to test if everything works.

To use wireless internet, connect to either eduroam or ut-public network.