Call for Participants

This winter school focuses on opportunities and difficulties in providing equality and equity in contemporary Europe. Interactive winter school contains keynote speeches, panel discussions between experts from ENLIGHT universities and participating students and group works were participants are solving real life problems. It especially focuses on:

  • How to assure equity and equality in medicine?
  • How to assure equity and equiality in education?
  • How the understanding of equality and equity have developed throughout the time?
  • How to change or create an organisations that not only values but practices equality and equity?


A 5-day winter school involves requiered and additional reading materials, preparative tasks, keynote speeches, panels, and group works. At the end of the course, each group will present their work. Up to 2 weeks after the winter school (deadline the 3th of December), students must submit a reflective essay (4000 words) about the theoretical frameworks, case studies, examples, and discussions that they experienced and what they will take along from the winter school. 

The organizer will provide certificates of attendance to all those who participate during the full program and 3 ECTS. Please contact your programme manager prior to registration to see whether the credits are transferable to your programme. Participants should sign up before the 31th of October. The participation is limited up to 50 students. 

For registration, please fill in the form which you may find it here. The meeting link and further details about the conference will be emailed to registered participants ahead of the event. As mentioned above, please registrate before the 31th of October. You may find more information under the "registration" subpage.