Institutions and persons participating in the project

Project promoter (University of Tartu, Estonia)

Leho Tedersoo, researcher, Principal Investigator of the project; specialist in fungal community analysis and statistics. ResearchGate

Urmas Kõljalg, professor, specialist in taxonomy of Thelephorales and databasing

Mohammad Bahram, researcher, PostDoc, specialist in statistical analysis and bioinformatics. ResearchGate

Kessy Abarenkov, researcher, specialist in bioinformatics. ResearchGate

Petr Kohout, PhD student (supervisor: Leho Tedersoo). Topic: The effect of climatic patterns on root-associated fungi. ResearchGate

Marko Peterson, PhD student (supervisors: Urmas Kõljalg, Kessy Abarenkov). Topic: Species identification in biodiversity informatics

Sten Anslan, PhD student (supervisor: Leho Tedersoo); Topic: Diversity and barcoding of arthropods and fungi in Nordic countries

Eveli Otsing, PhD student (supervisor: Leho Tedersoo); Topic: The effect of intraspecific genetic diversity of trees on biodiversity of microbes and mesofauna. ResearchGate

Indrek Hiiesalu, PhD student (supervisor: Leho Tedersoo); Topic: Climate change effects of arctic and boreal soil fungal communities

Maireet Müür, MS student (supervisor: Urmas Kõljalg); Topic: Ectomycorrhizal fungi of Bistorta vivipara in relict habitats

Helery Harend, MS student (supervisor: Leho Tedersoo); Topic: Network analysis of fungal communities


Project partners, Norway

University of OsloThe University Centre in Svalbard

Håvard Kauserud, assoc. professor, coordinator of the Donor Project Partner ResearchGate

University of Oslo

Department of Biosciences

Postboks 1066 Blindern

0316 Oslo,  Norway


Phone: +4722854832


Karl-Henrik Larsson, professor ResearchGate

Natural History Museum

University of Oslo

Postboks 1172 Blindern

0318 OSLO, Norway


Phone: +4722851624


Pernille Bronken Eidesen, assoc. professor ResearchGate

The University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS)

P.O. Box 156

N-9171 Longyearbyen


Phone: +47 79023343


Prof. Håvard Kauserud is a specialist in fungal population genetics and high-throughput sequencing. Prof. Karl-Henrik Larsson is a specialist in taxonomy of corticioid fungi and fungal phylogenetics. Prof. Pernille Bronken is a specialist in arctic plants, fungi and molecular ecology.