Technical Information

Broadcast Links

The opening of the conference and the keynote lecture will be broadcast here.

Room 139

Room 140


Technical Support

In case of any technical errors or malfunctions, contact the technical team via this link.


For Presenters

Zoom Etiquette

These points down below help to guarantee a smooth running online conference. Please take a day before the conference and read these points thoroughly and test everything on your own as well.

Technical tips:
● Make sure you are connected to the internet. If possible, use cable instead of wifi, it reduces the risk of lost connection;
● close unnecessary apps, tabs, windows;
● mute your phone and other devices;
● join the Zoom at the break before your presentation. A member of the technical team will guide you;
● check your microphone. E.g if you use headphones your device may automatically change the input of your microphone. You can change it in the settings;
● check if the camera is on, it needs to be clean and working. (We suggest that you clean your camera with a slightly damp cloth before turning it on.);
● check the setting of screen sharing. If you want to open any other browser that is not the presentation (e.g present a video on Youtube), notify the technician. Because of privacy settings, Zoom may not show any other
browsers than the one being shared;
● check if your marked as a co-host, if not notify the technician right away. It is important because as a co-host you will gain access to all of the functions Zoom provides;
● questions from the listeners will appear in the Zoom chat, from where the moderators read them out to the presenter.

Non-technical reminders:
● monitor the room, make sure you do not have any source of light behind you (windows, lamps, screens etc), otherwise, the listeners in Zoom will not see you. Same goes for all the lighting in the room: do not sit in a dim or dark room either. If possible face the window and use natural lighting;
● shiny and neon clothes or make-up may interfere negatively with the video;
● try to place the camera or computer in way that it frames you nicely. Make sure the screen does not cut of your head but at the same time do not go too far or the mic will not pick up what you’re saying.

If you have any questions or want to discuss the reminding points, contact the technical team or the manager of the technical team:
(+372) 5330 6474