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Relatively cheap and close accomodation can be found from Hector hostel, Downtown Hostel and Looming Hostel.

Other options 


Public transport in Tartu 

Bus tickets and timetable 

All public transport information is on Google Maps - you can insert your place of departure and arrival - the correct bus times will be shown. Chemicum is near a bus stop named 'Nooruse' which you can reach with bus number 2. Buses 1 and 8 take you within walking distance of the building, to a bus stop called 'Soinaste II'. 

Tartu is relatively small, so  bike rental is a good choice for moving around. The city has its own bike rental scheme, also Bolt electric scooters are widely available.


Points of interest

Events in Tartu 

Tourism information 


Ahhaa science centre


Cinemas: ApolloElektriteater (films are in original language with Estonian subtitles)



Restaurants-cafés in the centre of the town, good for going to dinner

Shopping: TaskuKaubamajaLõunakeskusEedenKvartal

During the lunch breaks you can eat at the Chemicum cafeteria or two other nearby cafeterias. Meals usually cost around 4-8 euros.