This is a preliminary summer school programme. Organizers reserve the right for changes.


Completing the course is awarded with 2 ECTS. The course will be in English.


Each day of the summer school has a specific topic.

First day (Monday, 22.08) is dedicated to UAVs as a platform and juridical background that regulates their usage. The day ends with an ice-breaker party.

Second day (Tuesday, 23.08) starts the main section of the summer school that describes different sensors, common applications and workflows for data acquisition and analysis. Common (RGB) cameras and photogrammetry are the most common and widely used sensors/methodologies and therefore start this section.

Third day (Wednesday, 24.08) is a field day and we will travel to a nearby village. We will fly various UAVs and sensors for different objectives like 3D surface modeling, multispectral vegetation mapping and lake bathymetry. We will even try to look inside the earth with flying ground penetration radar!

Fourth day (Thursday, 25.08) gives an overview of the laser scanning and we will look deeper into our datasets. 

Fifth and last day (Friday, 26.08) is dedicated to data analysis such as orthophoto and point cloud classification. We will also look at how to tie UAV based methodologies together with other data acquisition methods like ground surveys. Some tips on how to make great drone photos and movies.


Detailed programme of the summer school


Lectures include multiple hands-on exercises, so please bring your laptop with you. Required software and datasets will be available before the summer school.