The lectures will be taught by:

Marko Kohv (PhD) is a researcher in the Department  of Geology, University of Tartu. His primary research interests are related with wetlands and geological  3D  modelling. Marko got his first UAV in 2013 and has been building, upgrading and flying ever since.
Edgar_sepp Edgar Sepp (MSc) is a former geoinformatics specialist in the Department of Geography and currently working as an autonomy software engineer and a mapping lead at the Autonomous driving lab, both at University of Tartu. His primary expertise is in geoinformatics, including photogrammetry and post-analysis like classification and object delineation.
Alexey Dobrovolskiy Alexey Dobrovolskiy is Chief Technical Officer, Member of The Board and Co-Founder at SPH Engineering, a multiproduct drone software company and UAV integration services provider. Since founding SPH Engineering in 2013, he has introduced a number of solutions that are recognized globally like software to manage drone shows and drone-based industrial product lines. Currently, Alexey is responsible for strategy management and development and liaises with a few main customers. He also spends a lot of time in the field, testing SPH's solutions in real-life scenarios.
Kristaps Brass Kristaps Brass is an Engineer and Product Owner of UgCS at SPH Engineering. Having been with SPH Engineering since 2014, Kristaps has worked on countless field flight tests, lead customers training in Riga and around the world (from Brazil to Australia), and even participated in an expedition to Greenland in 2019 together with Alexey Dobrovolskiy, CTO. Kristaps graduated from Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and Tallinn University of Technology where he studied Integrated Engineering. He is currently heading the UgCS development and product team toward making UgCS flight planning software the leading choice for professional drone pilots.
siim lindmaa Siim Lindmaa works for the Police and Border Guard Board and Estonian Aviation Academy. His work is related to strategy development and practical implementation of unmanned aircraft systems into various environments. His professional background in the field started with the position of planning and using the tactical unmanned aircraft systems for the support of military grade operations. He has acquired knowledge of design and development of systems while working as the product manager in the defense industry. He likes to think of himself as a person driven by innovation who makes decisions with the future in mind.

Anna Iglseder (MSc, 3DForEcoTech COST Action partner) is a researcher at the Research Unit Photogrammetry, Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation, at the Technical University Vienna, Austria. Her primary research focus is on combining airborne and satellite-based remote sensing data from different sensors for classification and monitoring of vegetation. Apart from that, she is involved in basic teaching of programming and statistics and gives field courses on UAV-based and terrestrial data acquisition for photogrammetry (images and laser scanning) for Geography students at the University of Vienna.

Maria Maria Tamm (PhD) is Project Manager at Estonian Air Navigation Services (EANS) and UAS Team Lead at Estonian Aviation Academy (EAVA). She has extensive experience in various European U-space activities as EANS coordinator for SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) projects, including “Gulf of Finland (GOF) U-space” (2019-2021) and “GOF2.0 Integrated Urban Airspace” Very Large Demonstration (2021- ongoing). Current activities include coordinating innovation and unmanned aviation topics in Estonian Aviation Cluster (representing EANS), developing Estonian U-space concept and supporting unmanned air traffic management (UTM) implementation.
Sven Začek has been a freelance photographer for 17 years by now. I shoot everything, but am especially keen on wildlife and landscapes. During this time I have managed to publish seven books, write hundreds of articles, give hundreds of workshops and present hundreds of slideshows. Between that I have been an editor in chief and publisher of Estonian nature photography magazine LoFo. I am married and have two children.


My photostory about Ural owls was published in National Geographic Magazine in 2012

Wild Wonders of Europe photographer

Nikon ambassador since 2008

Nikon ZCreator from 2021


Isaac Newton Kwasi Buo is a PhD Student in university of Tartu, Department of Geography. He will speak about orthophoto classification.