Information on doctoral studies on the university’s website

  • välisveeb

Objective: to create a central web page for doctoral studies. The information is clearly divided between the central web page, the faculty’s centre for doctoral studies and the institute. The central web page includes guidelines for applicants, doctoral students and supervisors.

Current state: new website of the University of Tartu was launched in 11 January 2022. 
Joint working group for the representatives of faculties and the Office of Academic Affairs coordinates information exchange and tasks regarding the doctoral studies webpages. 

Doctoral studies in the University of Tartu
Admission to doctoral studies
Centre for Doctoral Studies in Humanities
Centre for Doctoral Studies in Social Sciences
Centre for Doctoral Studies in Medicine and Sport
Centre for Doctoral Studies in Science and Technology

Provisional schedule: new doctoral studies website was launched in 11 January 2022. Work with the homepages and guidelines continues in spring 2022.