Regulations for doctoral studies

  • eeskiri


Objective: to regulate doctoral studies at the University of Tartu centrally with one single legislative act and to better distinguish doctoral studies from the organisation of the first and second level of higher education.

Current state: the act was prepared in parallel with general Study Regulations. The Study Regulations will henceforth mainly regulate studies at the first and second level of higher education.

Overview of the changes compared to earlier regulations. 


I. The draft of the regulations for doctoral studies was coordinated in March-April 2021, confirmed by the senate in 28 May 2021 and will be in force from 30 August 2021 to 28 August 2022.
II. The draft for the changes in the regulations for doctoral studies (which correlates with the national legislation changing doctoral studies) will be ready for coordination in the beginning of 2022, reach the senate in spring 2022 and enter into force on 29 August 2022. 


Regulations for Doctoral Studies (Effective as of 30 August 2021) (pdf)

Web version of the Regulations for Doctoral Studies

Study Regulations (Effective as of 30 August 2021) (pdf)

Web version of the Study Regulations