Doctoral programme

  • õppeainete maht

Objective: consolidation of curricula, arranging the list of specialities. Reducing the volume of compulsory studies from 60 ECTS to 30 ECTS. The choice of courses is flexible and proceeds from the research and career choices of the doctoral student. The doctoral student specifies the schedule of activities in the individual plan which is part of his/her employment contract. Research is not assessed in credit points. 

Current state:

On 29 October, the Senate confirmed eight new programmes of doctoral studies:

  • Humanities
  • Medicine and Sport
  • Chemical and Physical Sciences
  • Life and Earth Sciences
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Educational Sciences 
  • Social Sciences (change of the title in 28.01.2022).

November 2021: consolidation proposal by Vice Rector for Research to the Faculty council or government. 
January-September 2021: compiling of programmes.
12 March 2021: preliminary applications for programmes – programmes with arranged lists of specialities.
March-... 2021: development activities in the joint work group of faculties and the Office of Academic Affairs.
16 June 2021: applications for programmes.
16 September 2021: proposals for additions and corrections by the doctoral studies committee. 
29 October 2021: confirming of programmes by the Senate. 
26 November 2021: transition period admission rules for doctoral studies confirmed by the Senate.
February 2022: admission to new programmes begins. 
Autumn semester of the 2022/2023 academic year: matriculation of doctoral students admitted to the new programmes. 

Regulations: Statutes of Curriculum