Plan for developing doctoral studies at the University of Tartu

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The University of Tartu is planning several changes in doctoral studies in the coming years. This homepage gives an overview of the objectives of the plan and the activities supporting the plan, as well as current state and provisional schedule of those activities. You can find links to news and documents connected to each sub-topic (mostly in Estonian).

As proposed by Vice Rector for Research Kristjan Vassil, an inter-faculty working group on doctoral studies started preparing the changes in spring 2018. The group reviewed the results of the external evaluation of doctoral studies carried out in 2017–2018, examined the organisation of doctoral studies at other universities and, by the beginning of 2019, submitted the vision document (in Estonian) for doctoral studies to the Rector’s Office. Work continues by narrower topics, involving stakeholders from within and outside the university.


  • Doctoral School of Earth Sciences and Ecology
  • Graduate School of Functional Materials and Technologies
  • Doctoral School of Information and Communication Technology
  • Estonian Doctoral School in Mathematics and Statistics
  • Doctoral School of Biomedicine and Biotechnology


  • Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts
  • Graduate School of Linguistics, Philosophy and Semiotics


  • Doctoral School in Economics and Innovation
  • Estonian Doctoral School of Educational Sciences
  • Doctoral School of Behavioural, Social and Health Sciences


  • Doctoral School of Clinical Medicine