Organization Theory Masterclass with Mary Jo Hatch

02.06.2022 11:00

University of Tartu Delta Centre, Room 2049 // Zoom


Mary Jo HatchMary Jo Hatch, Professor Emerita, University of Virginia, the scholar cited more than 33300 times meets with graduate students and faculty members who are interested in the studies of organizations and/or follow the multi-perspective approach in their studies.

The meeting consists of two parts. First, the students prepare and conduct the half-hour interview with her. This is meant for giving some insights to Mary Jo’s writings and studies. Second, she wants to hear about our studies and discuss the questions what the participants raise. For this purpose, we invite the interested participants to raise questions that they have met when conducted their studies. You can insert your questions to registration form below. This is a good input for the discussion with Mary Jo. Those who have no direct questions may tell shortly about their research. This is also a starting point for the collaborative discussion.

Mary Jo about herself: "My research falls mainly at the intersection of organization theory and marketing with work that explores the relationships between organizational culture, identity and corporate branding. Other of my studies of organizations and organizing involve architecture, stories, humor and metaphor (especially jazz and painting). In an effort to bring all these interests together, I also do work that crosses between the domains of art, design and organization. My most recent research project examined the role of organizational culture, identity and corporate branding in the post-acquisition integration process of Carlsberg Group. In general, I am interested in the dynamics of organizing and management, particularly as concerns their symbolic, interpretive, emotional and aesthetic aspects. I mainly use interpretive research methods including ethnography, narrative and text analysis. My theory and methodology are inspired by hermeneutics and, increasingly, pragmatics. Though retired I continue to teach organization theory; organizational culture, identity and corporate branding and the aesthetics of organizing using applications of studio-based pedagogy."

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