General clauses in 20th century Germany private legal history

15.05.2021 10:30 to 12:30

15. mail kl 10:30-12:30 toimub prof Hans-Peter Haferkampi (Köln) külalisloeng „General clauses in 20th century Germany private legal history“.

Loeng toimub inglise keeles ja Zoomi keskkonnas.

The discussion on the general clauses is actual with regard to the harmonisation and approximation of civil law in Europe. What is the real meaning of general clauses and principles? What benefit arises from it and what kind of dangers are related to their implementation? Which are the previous experiences of legal orders? The main emphasis of the lecture will be on the discussion of German private law, making it possible to clearly distinguish the dogmatic, methodical, legal theoretical, legal philosophy and legal policy aspects of the problematics of the general clauses. German legal historical experience enables us to look at the current trends in Europe from a specific critical perspective and show us the possible developments in this field.

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