International PhD Summer Schools
International summer schools offer various work formats. There are doctoral seminars, where PhD students present their research based on non-published papers which will be pre-reviewed and discussed by foreign experts and fellow students. Guest lectures and/or trainings on specific topics are given by high level experts from abroad. The aim of summer school is to develop presentation skills and qualification of doing research, enhance both intra-, interdistsiplinary and international research co-operation.

Special courses, lectures and trainings for PhD students
Doctoral school organizes special courses and trainings on the topics that are missing from the existing PhD study programmes. Particular attention is given to interdistsiplinary courses. Foreign experts are involved.

Trainings for supervisors
The trainings aim to raise the quality of supervision.

Thematic seminars and workshops
Thematic seminars and workshops offer PhD students various opportunities to present and discuss and get feedback to their research results.Seminars can take place in different forms (research seminar, pre-conference PhD session, meeting with practitians etc).

Writing retreats
A writing retreat will create space and time for PhD students to make significant progress on their research goals. During the retreat PhD students will be offered the opportunity to concentrate on writing of their thesis or research paper in a quiet surrounding.

Involvement of consultants from abroad and from private/public sector 
PhD students who have successfully completed at least one attestation have the opportunity to apply for funding a consultant from abroad or from Estonia. Consultant may come from other universities, private or public sector, but not from the PhD student’s home university. It is possible to involve consultants for 1-4 months within a study semester. Principal supervisor will help in finding the appropriate person with necessary qualification and knowledge. In case of agreement PhD student has to submit the application form which will be considered by the doctoral school committee. Application FormActivity Report.