About us

EWOD’s general idea was conceived by Jüri Talvet, a long-time professor of world literature at the University of Tartu. The creation of EWOD was begun in 2014 by a group of literary scholars of the University of Tartu as one of the tasks in the framework of the state financed project ‘Estonian Literature in the Paradigm of Comparative Literary Research’ (2014-2019). The work at EWOD is coordinated by editors-in-chief Jüri Talvet and Arne Merilai, professors of literature at the University of Tartu, and managing editor Sven Vabar.

A number of scholars, doctoral students and translators are involved in the task. The names of the authors and translators of the short introductory portraits of writers in EWOD have been shown by their initials:

M. K. - Mari Klein
J. K. - Janek Kraavi
M. M.-K. - Miriam McIlfatrick-Ksenofontov

A. M. - Arne Merilai
C. M. - Christopher Moseley
M. M. - Michelle Mueller
I. M. - Indrek Männiste

A. N. – Agnes Neier
I. O. - Indrek Ojam
A. O. - Andrus Org
I. S. - Inga Sapunjan
A. S. - Andra Somelar
E. S. - Ele Süvalep
J. T. - Jüri Talvet
J. T. - Jaak Tomberg
S. V. - Sven Vabar
M. V. - Mart Velsker

You are most welcome to suggest any relevant additional bibliographical information that we have missed. For any questions, suggestions and corrections please contact svenvabar[ät]ut.ee.