Young Researchers’ Workshop Tartu 2018

The University of Tartu Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies is proud to host the Young Researchers Workshop: “Teaching in a Multicultural Environment” as a part of the DescNet Project from February 8th to 14th 2018

  • ECTS Credits: 6 ECTS
  • Venue: Lossi 36, Tartu/Kääriku Recreation Centre
  • Accommodation: UT Student hostel 19 EUR/night per person
  • Target Group: PHD students and junior teaching staff of social and political sciences, economics, law and humanities.

About the Workshop:

The workshop, being part of the DESCNET project, is aimed at bringing together a group of doctoral students and junior researchers from all partner institutions with either experiences or intentions of participating in educational activities developing in a multicultural milieu. With cross-border mobility as a major factor of globalization, student audiences become more and more varied in terms of ethnicity, race, and religion. This increasing cultural diversity is a challenge to teachers, instructors and educators who have to deal with a growing scope of controversial issues that affect students’ emotions and identity, touch upon their personal experiences, and ultimately make them take sides in structurally polarized debates. This is of especial importance for regions – such as the Southern Caucasus or the Black Sea region – with multiple conflicts and a plethora of politically inflammable lines of division. In this context, we invite workshop participants to discuss the following questions: How is it possible to teach politically sensitive topics for multicultural groups of students without provoking divisive effects? How can instructors avoid conflicts while touching upon politically controversial issues in class and in other forms of educational activities? 

A preliminary syllabus can be found here:  Draft Syllabus Tartu YRW 2018

How to apply:

1. Submit your motivation letter (2 pages max), which clearly describes your teaching experience, why are you teaching, your future aspirations related to teaching, and includes a brief description of your courses

2. Send the letter to Olena Solohub ( by no later than November 15, 2017!

Successful applicants will be contacted within one week after the deadline via email.