Sisus@UT-s on esmalt kasutamiseks:

  1. Basic Pages (Leht) - võimaldab lisada lehti lehestikku
  2. Bio/CV
  3. Ajaveeb
  4. Booklets (raamat)
  5. Classes - Create and manage information on classes taught or otherwise relevant.
  6. Events (sündmused) - Create and manage events on your web site.
  7. FAQ - Create and maintain frequently asked questions for your site.
  8. Links - Create and maintain useful external links to other sites that may of interest to your web site users.
  9. Media Gallery - Gallery for uploaded media files
  10. Uudised - Create and maintain news on your site.
  11. OS Glossary - uglossary module
  12. OS Webform - Create webform for your site
  13. Presentations - Create and manage presentations.
  14. Private Files - Manage private files with restricted access.
  15. Profiilid - Maintain a directory of people, collaborators, contributors to your project or organization.
  16. Publications - Create and maintain bibliographic records of publications.
  17. Test - Loo ja halda saidi teste
  18. Reader - Pull in useful content from other sites on the internet.
  19. Software - Create and maintain information on your software projects.