Social program

Audiovisual storytelling workshop 

Aim: make your experience of Estonia/Tartu visually memorable

For: 14+ years of age (depending on the level of English)

Pre-registration, max 15 participants

Duration: approximately 4 hours


1. Photograpy & storytelling with smartphones and tablets

  • how to take a good picture/selfie (the basics of composition, angles & light)
  • audiovisual apps via Ipad (also green-screen, time-lapse)
  • storytelling with photos

2. Working in a TV-studio

  • broadcast speech techniques
  • self-presenting in front of a camera
  • news anchor’s work

*Activities are based on individual interests and the amount of participants in the workshop.

Bogshoe hike in Rubina swamp and bog in Mulgimaa (South-Estonia)


Rubina is the largest, most valuable and best-preserved bog in the area that nature enthusiasts know for its many bird species.

We hike from the moss-covered swamp to a swamp island that is covered in gigantic trees. There we will have a picnic.

During the entire hike, we are surrounded by swampy landscape, many waterbodies of the swamp, swamp islands and the traces of animal and bird life.

The hike that lasts 2–3 hours covers up to 6 km of bog. Everyone who can move on foot in the winter can walk with bogshoes in the swamp.

This is an EHE product (Genuine and Interesting Estonia tourism service mark).