Blender to Celestia in 2013

XMM-Newton 3D model

My goal is to model XMM-Newton X-ray space telescope in Blender and bring it to Celestia space simulator.

Celestia eats 3DS files. Blender can export 3DS but when imported to Celestia, only some objects are visible. It turns out that only meshes without material are visible and meshes with materials/textures are not. I will download 3DS Max itself to check out whats up with Blender export...
...downloaded and installed. Autodesk 3DS Max says that .3ds files exported from Blender are invalid.

I'm trying another way. Celestia can also use it's very own format called CMOD. There is a script that exports Blender model to CMOD but it requires prehistoric version of Blender and it works ony in Linux.So I'm downloading AndLinux to check this out...

02. oct 2014 update:

Here is XMM Newton for Celestia:


xmm.zip797 KB