Doctoral School of Biomedicine and Biotechnology is an institution established by the University of Tartu within the framework of the ASTRA project of the University of Tartu PER ASPERA.

The aim of the doctoral school is to increase the efficiency and quality of doctoral studies. In cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn University and the Estonian University of Life Sciences, the Doctoral School offers various opportunities to bring together young researchers from different research groups and universities, especially PhD students, to facilitate mutual information exchange, lectures and seminars and contribute to research, the development of international collaboration and the general level of preparation of doctoral students.


The doctoral school does not conduct research, but it does it in research units associated with the doctoral school. The doctoral school does not award doctoral degrees, but it is done by affiliated universities.


Doctoral School of Biomedicine and Biotechnology is financed by the European Regional Development Foundation from 01.01.2016 until 31.08.2022. Project is coordinated by SA Archimedes.