Friday, September 29, 2017

The Estonian National Museum, Muuseumi tee 2

8.15-9.45        Session IV. Jakob Hurda Hall

 PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY I (Chairs: J. Tutkuviene and D. Kažoka)


J. Tutkuviene, S. Silove, E. Jakimaviciene (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Factors related to variations in birth weight: geographic versus socioeconomic conditions (analysis of 58 countries)


E. M. Jakimavičiene, J. Tutkuviene, J. Isakova, N. Drazdiene, V. Basys (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Birth weight changes in relation to socio-economic indices during the last decades: data from three Baltic States


S.V. Vasilyev, S.B. Borutskaya (Moscow, Russia)

Anthropological study of Kolsky Bay Sami (Russia)


А. Gerasevich, V. Zdanovich, M. Petkevich, E. Parhots (Brest, Belarus)

The modern characteristic of the morphological and functional state of the growing generation of the Western region of Belarus


O.D. Volchek (Moscow, Russia)

Correlation of variations in geocosmic processes and thinking parameters

 9.45-10.15     Coffee break


10.15-11.45    Session V. Jakob Hurda Hall

PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY II (Chairs: R. Jankauskas and R. Allmäe)


R. Allmäe, J. Limbo, A. Unt (Tallinn, Estonia)


The story of Red Terror victims: multidisciplinary approach


V. Bartuškiene, R. Šimkūnaite-Rizgeliene, R. Čepuliene, V. Žalgevičiene, J. Tutkuviene (Vilnius, Lithuania)


Effect of maternal undernutrition on metabolic and histomorphological profile of rat offspring


E. Stukaite, J. Tutkuviene (Vilnius, Lithuania)


Relationship between second to fourth digit ratios (2D:4D) and different facial parameters in young Lithuanian males and females


A. Suchomlinov, J. Tutkuviene (Vilnius, Lithuania)


Variability of individual trajectories for height in infancy: comparison of two longitudinal data sets of children born in 1990 and 1996 in Vilnius, Lithuania


G. Veldre (Tartu, Estonia)


Relations between physique of teenagers and their parents


J. Stankevica, L. Plavina, S. Umbrasko (Riga, Latvia)


Anthropometrics parameters for Latvian women over 40 years


L. Heapost (Tallinn, Estonia)


On the development of descriptive anthropological traits of schoolchildren


12.00-13.30    Lunch and poster session

Poster session II

Poster boards are in portrait/vertical format. Maximal dimensions for posters: 120 cm height × 100 cm width

All posters should be mounted during the morning of September 28 and taken down the next day [September 29] after the end of the conference

Posters no 25-48 - Representative authors are asked to attend their posters 13.30-14.00



J. Birdina M. Pilmane, A. Ligers (Riga, Latvia)


The Distribution of Matrix Metalloproteinase-2 and Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinase-2 and - 4 in varicose veins


J. Zarins, M. Pilmane, E. Sidhom2, I. Salma, D. Loca, J.Locs (Riga, Latvia)


Reactogenicity of healthy and osteoporotic rabbits bone after implantation of biomaterials with and without strontium (Sr)


P. Hussar, F. Popovska-Percinic, L. Pendovski, K. Blagoevska (Tartu; Estonia; Skopje, Macedonia)


Immunolocalization of hexose transporter GLUT-2 in broiler's gastrointestinal epithelium during toxication with T-2 mycotoxin


T. Bogdanova, S. Jekabsone, I. Strumfa, A. Vanags, J. Gardovskis (Riga, Latvia)


Histological Evidence of Cytomegalovirus Inclusions in Gastric Mucosa of a Posttransplant Patient


T. Bogdanova, S. Jekabsone, I. Strumfa, A. Vanags, J. Gardovskis (Riga, Latvia)


Whipple Disease – Biopsy-Solved Challenge for Physicians


I. Franckevica, J. Skrule, M. Bogdanova, V. Jakupceviča (Riga, Latvia)


Identification of intrauterine growth restriction in case of perinatal fetal death in Latvia


I. Franckeviča, L. Rucka, S. Smilga, A.A. Jaunākā (Riga, Latvia)


Infection as the cause of perinatal mortality in Latvia


S. Skuja, I. Beinaroviča, S. Roga, V. Groma, M. Murovska (Riga, Latvia)


Morphological evaluation of frontal and temporal lobes of the elderly in the case of B19 infection


D. Mezale, I. Strumfa, A. Vanags, I. Fridrihsone, S. Strautmane (Riga, Latvia)


Recurrent Giant Bullous Lung Emphysema of Unknown Aetiology: A Case Report


R. Kleina, O. Fjodorova, A. Dabužinskiene, J. Nazarovs, A. Šmits


Lung pathologies in HIV/AIDS - the most severe problem in patients mortality


I. Navickaite, P. Alaburda, K. Rysevaite-Kyguoliene, N. Pauziene, D. H. Pauza (Kaunas, Lithuania)


Comparative Study of Innervation of Cardiac Ventricles in the Mouse and Rat


A. Gruziene, S. Kerziene, G. Peciulyte (Kaunas, Lithuania)


Left ventricular adaptation remodelling processes


I. Fridrihsone, I. Strumfa, M. Riekstina, A. Abolins, A. Vanags, J. Gardovskis (Riga, Latvia)


Invasive Aspergillosis in an Immunosuppressed Patient Following Heart Transplantation


N. Shilova, S. Berzinya, A. Brinkmane, I. Dulevska, S. Umbrashko (Riga, Latvia)


Primary teeth eruption and the factors affecting it


D. Kažoka (Riga, Latvia)


Human Hand: an Anatomical and Art Content


M. Lintsi, R. Aule, M. Mooses, M. Viru, H. Lemberg, A. Pehme, A. Nurmekivi, H. Kaarma (Tartu, Estonia)


Dynamics of the anthropometrical variables of the boys entering the Exercise Sciences and Sport Faculty, University of Tartu


G. Skruze, D. Kažoka (Riga, Latvia)


Use of Waist to Hip Ratio in Determination of Body Composition in Preschool Children in Latvian Population


I. Dulevska, S. Umbraško, Z. Pavāre, L. Martinsone-Bērzkalne (Riga, Latvia)


Assessment of posture and motion activities of adolescents in Jurmala schools


M. Pamazanau (Minsk, Belarus)


Secular trend of skull shapevariation through the prism of craniological variability nature


L. Plavina (Riga, Latvia)


Analysis of cadets’ anthropometric characteristics


L. Martinsone-Bērzkalne, S. Umbraško, I. Duļevska (Riga, Latvia)


Lung vital capacity correlation with other physical growth indicators of Latvian pre - school children


S. Umbraško, I. Duļevska, A. Oginska, L. Martinsone-Bērzkalne, J. Vētra, J. Stankeviča, N. Šilova, S. Bērziņa (Riga, Latvia)


Characteristics of 6 and 7 year old children’s growth in Latvia


K. Lasienė, D.Gasiliūnas, N. Juodžiukynienė, A. Dabužinskienė, A. Vitkus, B. Žilaitienė (Kaunas, Lithuania)


Morphological parameters of the testes in 41-50 year old men


J. Kasmel (Tartu, Estonia)


215 years from the beginning of teaching of anthropology at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tartu (The former Imperial University of Dorpat) after its reopening in 1802 (By the 225th birth anniversary of Karl Ernst von Baer)

  P49       E. Põldoja, M. Rahu, K. Kask, I. Weyers, I. Kolts (Tartu, Tallinn, Estonia; Lübeck, Germany).

                Blood supply of the glenocapsular ligament of the posterosuperior part of the shoulder

                joint capsule

13.30-15.00    Session VI. Jakob Hurda Hall

HISTOMORPHOLOGY (Chairs: N. Pauziene and V. Groma)


H. Inokaitis, N. Pauziene, D. H. Pauza (Kaunas, Lithuania)


Species dependent differences in morphology and innervation of the rabbit and pig atrioventricular node


E. Vartina, M. Pilmane, E. Smitins, R. Lacis (Riga, Latvia)


Homeostasis Regulating Factors, Innervation and Ischemia Markers in the Right Atrial Tissue from Different Acquired and Congenital Heart Diseases


D. Batulevičius, G. Skripkiene, D. Andrijauskis, B. Keryte, V. Skripka (Kaunas, Lithuania)


Structure of the intracardiac nervous system in frog: a confocal microscope study


V. Groma, S. Skuja, Z. Nora-Krukle, M. Tarasovs, A. Kadisa, M. Murovska (Riga, Latvia)


Human arthritis synovium exposed to viral infection: updated morphology


S. Suutre, K. Kisand, M. Aunapuu, A. Tamm, A. Arend (Tartu, Estonia)


Immunohistochemical detection of cartilage intermediate layer protein 1 in the synovial membrane of patients with knee complaints


Z. Vitenberga, M. Pilmane, A. Babjoniseva (Riga, Latvia)


COPD affected lung tissue remodeling due to the local distribution of MMP-2, TIMP-2, TGF-β1 and Hsp-70

15.00-15.30    Coffee break

15.30-16.30    Closing ceremony


Post-conference guided tour to the exhibition of folk costumes in the Estonian National Museum

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