Submitting full articles to the Papers on Anthropology

The registered participants of the conference can consider publishing full articles in the special issue of the  Papers on Anthropology, the open access journal available at

To submit manuscripts to the Papers on Anthropology, please upload them here.

Please submit manuscripts before June 20, 2017.

50€ will be charged for every full paper.


Author Guidelines

Manuscripts should be written in English, typed with double spacing (1 cm between the lines) and submitted as a file in OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, or RTF document format. The manuscripts should not exceed 15 pages (including figures and tables). The position of tables and figures should be indicated in the text, tables and legend for illustrations should be typed separately at the end of the manuscript. The manuscript should consist of the following subdivisions, each beginning on a new page: Title page, Abstract, Text, References, Tables, Figure legends.

TITLE PAGE. The title page must contain: Title, author’s name (or names), institution with city, state and postcode, abbreviated title (running headline) not exceeding 48 characters and spaces, 4–6 keywords. Name, address and telephone number of the person to whom proofs and correspondence have to be sent should be clearly specified.

ABSTRACT. The abstract should contain no more than 350 words. When published, it will precede the introductory section of the text.

MAIN TEXT. The text is divided into the following sections: Introduction (no heading required), Material and Methods, Results, Discussion.

REFERENCES. References should be cited in the text by a number in parentheses. The reference list should be typed with double spacing. The entries should be numbered and given in alphabetical order. When referring to books and monographs, the publisher must also be indicated. The titles of non-English papers should be given in the original language.

 Examples for entries in the reference list:

  1. Baker P. T. (1978). The biology of high-altitude peoples. Cambridge University Press. Cambridge.
  2. Heapost L. (1978). The occurrence of ABO and MN system blood groups among the Komi-Zyrians (on the lower reaches of the Ob). In: Physical Anthropology of the Komi. Suomen Antropologinen Seura. Helsinki. 25–31.
  3. Wiener C. (1984). The emergence of biomedical anthropology and its implications for the future. Amer J Phys Anthropol, 64, 2, 141–146.

TABLES. Tables of numerical data should each be typed (also double-spaced) on separate sheets, numbered in sequence in Arabic numerals (Table 1, 2, etc.), provided with a heading and referred to in the text as Table 1, Table 2, etc.

ILLUSTRATIONS must reach the Editor in a form and condition suitable for reproduction.  The illustrations should bear the author’s name and numbered in Arabic numerals according to their sequence in the text where they are referred to as Fig. 1, Fig. 2, etc. Legends for illustrations should be typed on a separate page, using Arabic numerals corresponding to the illustrations.

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