Submission of abstracts

The deadline for submission of abstracts is extended to June 3, 2017.

Please upload your file as MS Word document (.doc; .docx) here.

The filename should contain the name of the first author and the two first words of the title, e.g. Kask_The_Formation.doc.


Please use British English. Abstracts will be published as submitted and therefore language quality is author’s responsibility. Proof and edit your submission accordingly.


Abstracts should be limited to one A4 page with 1.5 spacing and 2.5 cm margins.

Please follow the format of the example below (Title – Arial 14 pt bold; Name of author(s) – Times New Roman 12 pt bold; Affiliations and body text - Times New Roman 12 pt):

 The formation of collagen microfibrils

 K. Kask1, B. Svensson2

1Department of Anatomy, University of Tartu, Estonia; 2Department of Molecular Biology, University of Uppsala; Sweden


Collagen microfibrils …..



Please indicate the chosen type of presentation: oral or poster.

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