Dr. Bhikshuni Trinlae's Current Research

Two current research projects are related to UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Nepal: one related to Namche Gumba (Temple) in Sagarmāthā Mt. Everest National Park, which is several days’ walk from the nearest road, and situated at ~3400m altitude, and the other at the Swayambhū stūpa temple of Kathmandu Valley. Both projects include transcription, transliteration, and translation of primary Buddhist texts.

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  Please turn on CC captions to see the original Devanāgarī and phonetic transliterations of the hymn!

In the case of the Namche project, we are working to preserve hand-written scrolls of traditional Buddhist ceremonies of the Sherpa community’ s summer festival:

 Raw video for download swayambhu-jnanamala-bhajan.mp4
Dumche Text