See Dr. Trinlae's full list of publications on:

Dr. Trinlae's earlier work was recently cited by Joel Day of University of Southern California's Center for Public Diplomacy: 

Joel Day. “Everyday Practices of Toleration: The Interfaith Foundations of Peace Accords in Sierra Leone.” Politics and Religion, 2020, 1–29.

Her latest publication appeared in a new volume for the Canadian Multifaith Federation:

Trinlae, Bhikshuni Lozang. “How to Communicate Complex Spiritual Care Practices of Religious Minorities Using Empirical, Clinical Language: "Proof of Principle" Field Research from Vajrayāna Buddhism.” In Multifaith Perspectives in Spiritual & Religious Care: Change, Challenge and Transformation. Edited by Mohamed Taher. Change, Challenge and Transformation: Canadian Multifaith Federation, 2020.

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