Paul AristeWe are pleased to announce a Conference on Finno-Ugric Languages in honour of Paul Ariste which will be held in Tartu, Estonia, on February 1-3, 2015. The Conference will be hosted by the Department of Finno-Ugric Studies, Institute of Estonian and General Linguistics at the University of Tartu.

Paul Ariste (1905-1990) was the head of the department for 33 years, from 1944 to 1977, since 1949 as a Professor of Finno-Ugric Studies. Ariste set the base for each Finno-Ugric language. Paul Ariste also played an outstanding role in training linguists from Russia's Finno-Ugric peoples. More than 60 candidate and doctoral theses were completed under his academic supervision. There are "Ariste's graduate students" among researchers and teaching staff at universities of many Finno-Ugric communities. On Ariste's initiative the peer-reviewed journal Sovetskoye finnougrovedeniye (now Linguistica Uralica) was founded in 1965; Ariste was the first editor-in-chief of the journal. The number of the scientific publications by Ariste adds up to 1300, among them about 50 monographs. Ariste was a member of the Estonian Academy of Sciences (1969), he was awarded Honorary Doctor degrees by the universities of Helsinki (1969), Szeged (1971), Tampere (1975), Latvia (1989), and he was a Honorary Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, as well as of the Finnish Academy of Sciences.