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Session I, Session II, Session IIIa, Session IIIb, Session IV, Session V.

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12:00 ->Buffee lunch in Pühajärve
13.30Heikki JunninenWelcome
 Urmas HõrrakHistory of the workshop
Session I: From ground to heavens - interdisciplinary synergy (Chair: Urmas Hõrrak)
 Veli-Matti KerminenAtmospheric new partice formation - a new review
 Markku KulmalaImportance of cluster observations
 Sergej ZilitinkevichTurbulence, PBL and heat/mass transfer
 Ülo NiinemetsEMU plans for ERC Synergy: biology
 Tuukka PetäjäBiosphere-Atmosphere exhange interactions and feedbacks sustaining regional water cycle
 Heikki JunninenAtmospheric chemometrics
Session II: Special session on PSM (Chair: Minna Väkevä)
17.00Minna VäkeväPSM. Past, present and future.
 Juha KangasluomaImproving the accuracy and precision of sub-10 nm atmospheric nanoparticle measurements 
 Helina LippCalibration and ambient measurements of sub-3 nm aerosols
 Hannes TammetA tool for simulating of cluster and nanoparticle deposition in cylindrical tubes. Download the tool 
 Aare LutsExperimental study of the ion losses within long tubes
19.00Dinner (Airmodus/Airel)
Session IIIa: Ion measurements and modeling (Chair: Heikki Junninen)
9.00Xucheng He (Lance)A direct measurement of ion-polar molecule collision rate at atmospheric condition
 Tommaso Zanca A model for cluster fragmentation in Api-ToF, part 1.
 Evgeni ZapadinskyA model for cluster fragmentation in Api-ToF, part 2.
 Kalju TammeAtmospheric relevance of laboratory experiments on ion composition based on ion composition simulation. 
 Oxygen break 
Session IIIb: Ion measurements and NPF (Chair: Stephany N Buenrostro Mazon)
10.30Xuemeng Chen (Ava)Patterns in surface electric field in relation to air ions
 Lubna DadaRefined classification of atmospheric NPF and characterization of NPF event types using air ion measurements
 Janne LampilahtiAtmospheric new particle formation in elevated inversion layers
 Katrianne LehtipaloIons and NPF over Southern and Atlantic Oceans (ACE campaign)
 Marko KaasikNOx and SO2 - aerosol precursors in the air of a small town. The case of Otepää. 
Session IV: Ecosystems and atmosphere (Chair: Marko Vana)
13.00Luís Miguel Feijó BarreiraMeasurements of oxidized organic in gas and particulate phase using FIGEARO mass spectrometry. Case study: SMEAR Estonia
 Alisa KrasnovaCO2 fluxes at SMEAR Estonia
 Steffen NoeForest ecosystems heterogeneity and complexity
14.00Coffee break 
Session V: Special session on NAIS (Chair: Sander Mirme)
14.20Sander MirmeNAIS development
 Markus LampimäkiNAIS particle mode calibrations
 Kaupo KomsaareComparison of NAIS measurements inside and outside cannopy
 Rima BaalbakiIons measurements at the CLOUD experiment
 Final discussion 
16.00Leaving to Tartu 
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